Port Anthony Renewables holds strategic partnership agreements with key companies currently leading renewable hydrogen innovation within Australia. Where there is a Joint Venture, PAR holds a 30% stake, acting as the logistical foundation for their success while simultaneously leveraging each partnership to facilitate in-house hydrogen production.


Infinite Blue Energy (IBE) is a leading renewable energy company with vast experience in delivering zero-emission solutions to domestic and international markets. IBE has an engineering team that is both resourced and structured, efficiently liaising with customers to deliver renewable energy solutions via solar, wind, hydrogen, fuel cells, and biomass. With a focus on providing green hydrogen on a commercial scale, IBE is drawing considerable international attention for its leading position within the sector.

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Clayton H2 is building an industry network, creating projects, leveraging government funding and mobilising investments to drive industry collaboration across the hydrogen supply chain. Its partnership with the Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) and CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission connects Clayton H2 into the wider Australian hydrogen ecosystem. Clayton H2 partners with ARENA2036 (Germany) to accelerate the development of an Australia-Germany hydrogen industry, creating new economic opportunities and knowledge sharing.

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Babcock & Wilcox, (NYSE:BW) - has more than 150 years of experience in delivering and developing renewable energy technologies. The agreement will see a proprietary Hydrogen manufacturing plant that will manufacture Hydrogen from waste timber/biomass. Further pursuant to the Joint venture:

The plant will produce 3 tonnes per day of Hydrogen, stored as Green Ammonia as an initial target, with a modular scale up thereafter.

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Collectively, CAC-H2 brings more than 3 decades of experience in the biomass to energy, agricultural & regenerative farming, bioremediation, biofuel & bioplastics development, & biocarbon production.

The Group’s experience includes projects around large-scale agriculture cultivation & processing in Australia, China, & the USA, as well as the successful installation of more gasification plants in Southeast Asia than any other company.

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